The Teachers

Katja Winzeler and Hans van der Horst

Owner & director of Studio Ka-Motion is a professionally trained dance instructor , performer and choreographer. With a BA from Columbia College, she teaches a variety of quality dance classes with great enthusiasm and has taught Internationally for years. Katja is enamored with Old School Jazz & Lindy Hop and… Read more

Camille Pidou and Joppe Kroon

Camille is a Professional modern dancer and teacher who presently dances with the International Dans Theater as well as performing in Isabelle Beernaert’s (so you think you can dance) production of Et Apres. Her experience in different dance styles gives her a good body awarness and keen eye for detail…… Read more

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  1. Katja says:

    North Sea Swing also works closely with our British Hoppers on the other side of the water,regularly giving workshops and trainings to students as well as Teachers Training. We have worked for Lindy Jazz in Durham, Rock Bottoms, Beach Boogie and La Santa Swing (Canary Islands) as well as teaching at renowned places such as Herrang Dance Camp Sweden, and Studio Hop, France.

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