Camille Pidou and Joppe Kroon

Camille is a Professional modern dancer and teacher who presently dances with the International Dans Theater as well as performing in Isabelle Beernaert’s (so you think you can dance) production of Et Apres. Her experience in different dance styles gives her a good body awarness and keen eye for detail…

Even though she wants to make you amazing dancers, her goal in teaching is to pass on the fun she is getting out of lindy hopping!!

Joppe has found the ultimate combination of music, improvisation and fun in Lindy Hop. Happy to find KaMotion in Gouda- Katja & Hans molded a Lindy Hopper out of the Ballroom and Rock ‘n’ Roll clay! Now paired with Camille, another amazing partner, he will do his very best to infect you too with the Lindy virus in their classes.