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Monthly Workshops & Masterclasses to move you the Fast Track !

Perhaps you’ve hit a plateau in your dancing? Or sometimes you might just need to hear it in a different way? Our monthly Fast Track Workshops will give you insight and move you forward to really getting the most out of your Lindy Hop dancing!! Join us in our beautiful little studio for an intense, informative and hugely fun day of learning!

Divided into two sections dancers may choose to do our morning session 11:00-13:00 or afternoon 14:00-16:00 or both for a full day of instruction with a yummy lunch available*. Space is limited to 7 couples to insure lots of personal attention, so sign up quickly!!

Themes will vary from various styles, objectives and solo dancing to improve your dance on all levels. Whether you’d like to really understand the concepts better, improve you technique, build better awareness and communication or just “zjoosh” up your styling… we can help you do just that!!

Dates for 2014 are:

Jan. 19 Feb. 9 March 16 April 13 May 18 and June 15

Themes and topics to be announced. If you would like to receive our emails about these and other workshops please contact us via email!