Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Lindy Hop?

People of every age, every size, every color, every culture are doing the Lindy Hop! We at North Sea Swing feel Lindy unites and brings people together in a joyous and playful manner. Students range in age from 16 to 60 with slow Blues, mid tempo and fast Charlestons to meet everyone’s desires.

Do I need a partner?

Lindy Hop is a partner dance but unlike some other social dances we do not require you to work with a sole partner. In fact, we like to rotate during class (unless a couple chooses not to) so as to experience different dancers and different styles of Lindy dancing. This will hopefully lead to more diversity in self-expression and lots more fun on the dance floor!!

Can I sign up alone?

Frequently in the classes we have more women than men and we try to keep the ratio as even as possible so we DO recommend trying to find a partner somehow- colleague, cousin, neighbour or friend!! We often have ladies that lead and ask men from other classes to join in to help keep the balance but we do limit the amount of extra single ladies per class.

Single men, always welcome!

Jazz classes and choreographies are usually individual dance and everyone is encouraged to increase their vocabulary, strengthen their body awareness and improve their moves and just become better super self confident dancers!

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing clean, comfortable, cotton clothing with some “give”. We certainly hope you work up a little sweat and feel happy to have worked your body in a pleasant way. Shoes should be comfortable and flexible. We find leather soles to work the best with regards to twisting and turning. Some people choose to invest in Jazz shoes found in popular dance stores or on the internet.

We also suggest keeping meals light before a dance class and saving the alcohol for afterwards!

May I take a trial class first?

Of course. The best way to see if you really like is dance is to try it! North Sea Swing gives workshops at various locations throughout the year and almost always offers an opportunity to try it a few weeks before the actual start of a new beginners class. Please check our agenda for time and place of these workshops and classes and come join us! If for any reason you should miss this opportunity you may view the first class as a trial lesson as well- if it suits and there is space you may sign up… not what you are looking for? No cost. Simple.

Do I need to register?

North Sea Swing would like to request and encourage registering for all classes and workshops in advance simply so that we have a realistic idea of how many participants wish to attend. In this way we can help stimulate an even man/woman ratio, insure adequate class sizes, reserve appropriate studio spaces and avoid unnecessary cancelations of courses.

Class participation is verified through payment, if you know you want to join and wish to guarantee your space. We request classes be paid by week two of the classes.

What if I missed a class?

Sickness or important obligations to work or family can always occur and we would like to offer our students the ability to take these missed classes in our other classes in comparable or lower level classes when space is available * having discussed this with the teachers beforehand.

What is the best way to pay?

Payment can easily be done via the website, by bank transfer or in cash before or after classes.

For more information please be sure to read our terms & conditions.