Katja Winzeler and Hans van der Horst

Owner & director of Studio Ka-Motion is a professionally trained dance instructor , performer and choreographer. With a BA from Columbia College, she teaches a variety of quality dance classes with great enthusiasm and has taught Internationally for years. Katja is enamored with Old School Jazz & Lindy Hop and the amazing Jazz music it is danced to. Her fun manner and ability for “sneaky teaching” has you dancing with skill and finesse at any level!

Hans has spent 10 years experimenting with and honing his Lindy Hop expertise. Having been a professional runner he knows all about the human body and maximal ergonomic movement. As an ex-trumpet player his musicality is exquisite. In his relaxed and down to earth manner her explains the dance in sound and clear way that makes sense, is easy to relate to and just plain works!

Together they teach a friendly, accessible, motivating lessons. Using a “connection /sensation-based” focus class that improves your skills and enhances your technique. Together we will increase your vocabulary and build your confidence on and off the dance floor!

They are not amateurs nor Hobby-ists, you can expect top quality from all their work!
Katja & Hans