Highly subjective

Levels for dance classes are highly subjective and generally based on the curve of those in a particular class, school or area. This may not coincide with other schools or locations. Students frequently excel in certain areas but might be lacking in others making level assessment variable as well. Amount of practice or previous dance experience may also be an influential factor.

North Sea Swing prefers to stimulate and atmosphere of acceptance, patience and support. We were all beginners once! Since NSS teaches on a layering system we hope to stimulate and challenge our dancers as well as provide clear instruction for fabulous and fun dancing for everyone at their own level and speed.

Monthly Workshops & Masterclasses to move you the Fast Track !

Perhaps you’ve hit a plateau in your dancing? Or sometimes you might just need to hear it in a different way? Our monthly Fast Track Workshops will give you insight and move you forward to really getting the most out of your Lindy Hop dancing!!  Join us in our beautiful little studio for an intense, informative and hugely fun day of learning!

Divided into two sections dancers may choose to do our morning session 11:00-13:00 or afternoon 14:00-16:00 or both for a full day of instruction with a yummy lunch available*.  Space is limited to 7 couples to insure lots of personal attention, so sign up quickly!!

Themes will vary from various styles, objectives and solo dancing to improve your dance on all levels.  Whether you’d like to really understand the concepts better, improve you technique, build better awareness and communication or just “zjoosh” up your styling… we can help you do just that!!

Dates for 2014 are:

Jan. 19  Feb. 9  March 16  April 13  May 18 and June 15

Themes and topics to be announced.  If you would like to receive our emails about these and other workshops please contact us at katjawinzeler@zonnet.nl !!

Individual (Solo) Dance

Creating one’s own style is essential for fantastic dancing. Learning the vocabulary of `old school jazz`, playing with rhythm and syncopation, developing body awareness and strengthening one´s own dance capabilities enhances a partner dancer’s abilities immeasurably! Become a beautiful, self confident dancer!

Group participation dances such as the Shim Sham, Jitterbug Stroll and Charleston Stroll are the cornerstones of Lindy Hop Dance. These dances are known world wide and bring people of all ages , sizes, backgrounds and cultures together in a joyous celebration! Come join in the fun!


Private tutorials, Workshops & Master Classes available in your region upon request.