Terms and conditions

North Sea Swing Terms & Conditions 2012

NSS can not accept any liability for sickness/injury sustained in any form of class, event or workshop.

NSS reserves the right to change time, size, type of, or location of it’s classes, workshops and events at their discretion with regard to quality, safety and suitability. All changes will be notified as swiftly as possible.

NSS offers students to take 2 missed classes within an 8-12 week course, at any of our other available classes, during that same course period * in concordance with the teachers and availability. It is the responsibility of the student themselves to maintain their own agenda and schedule replacement classes accordingly.

NSS reserves the right to decide whether a class is given or not. In the case of cancelled classes- monies paid will be reimbursed by NSS within 3 weeks of the scheduled class.

NSS will always try to place students in the appropriate class with regard to safety and satisfaction.

NSS maintains a no-refund policy unless there is a case of serious illness, injury or re-location
*in concordance with teachers. On occasion monies may be left on account for further use for classes, workshops or purchasable articles.

NSS special offers, discounts or “akties” are not to be used in combination. Attempts to do so will render them null and void.

Students are only officially registered for classes at the time that total payment is received. On matters regarding occupancy, NSS maintains a first come, first served policy.

NSS “Appreciation Vouchers” are usable for classes, workshops and NSS products valid for the duration of the existence of the company. Not exchangeable for cash.

In the case of illness/ injury NSS will do it’s best to provide quality substitute teachers. If this is not possible NSS will alert all registered students to the cancellation as swiftly as possible.

Scheduled classes or workshops missed due to sickness, injury or emergency will be offered during the course period at alternative locations and /or times at the discretion of the NSS and availability. No monies will be refunded.

Hired workshop/lessons by NSS may be cancelled by contractors up to 2 weeks prior to the event with a result in loss of deposit/ retainer (25%) Cancellation within the 2 week period prior to an event will result in 100% payment due from contractor, regardless.

Any and all contracts/ agreements to start work on a project go into effect immediately upon signed agreement. Even if cancellation thereafter, hours worked will be invoiced.

Any workshops/ lessons in danger of cancellation due to sickness, injury or emergency–NSS will do it’s utmost best to provide adequate substitute teachers according to availability but can not be liable for any such unfortunate circumstances.

Any and all dances and choreographies performed or taught by NSS remain the artistic property of NSS and are not permitted to be used, displayed or taught by others for any purpose unless specifically agreed upon. Any such use will be liable.

Any use of North Sea Swing photos, videos, media, advertising, logo, mailing lists etc. without permission is strictly forbidden. Any such use will result in action taken by NSS.

NSS pricing /cost may very depending on duration, location, preparation time, number of dancers or teachers, extraneous costs and commerciality of contract.